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Flexible & Fair Pricing




Per month (billed annually)
Per month (billed annually)


  • No sign-up fee*

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Reading data is always free of charge

  • Pricing adapted for gardens in lower economies

*Data transfer fees may apply

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this system be available?

Our team is hard at work building the platform, and we plan to onboard gardens in Q3 of 2021.

Can I be part of the beta testing group?

Yes! We would love to test our product with a diverse group of gardens. If you’d like to join our reference group, please contact us below.

Will I have access to all features in Hortis?

Yes! All of our features will be available to everyone, no matter the size or scope of your garden, or the type of subscription you have with us.

Is there any installation or maintenance required?

No! Switching to our cloud-based software means you will be able to access the platform wherever you are, without the need to install, update, or maintain software.

Will I be able to migrate my data from spreadsheets, databases, or other plant records systems?

Yes! We will be able to support data transfer requests to help the onboarding process be as smooth as possible.

Can I try Hortis before I buy?

Yes! All customers will have the option to test the software and its functionality to see if it suits your garden’s needs.

What happens to our data if we want to leave Hortis?

We will add a comprehensive data export feature to Hortis later in 2022. This will allow you to export all your data for the purpose of leaving the platform.

What happens if we cannot afford to pay for the service?

If you are unable to pay, we will eventually have to switch off access to the account. However, unless you have explicitly asked us to delete the account, we can keep the account passive for one year to enable you to easily reopen the account again.